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marketing strategy: content is king

In 1996, Bill Gates published an essay on the Microsoft website titled, “Content is King.” This essay outlined the various ways that the internet would eventually become a profitable place to distribute information. Whether sharing scientific findings, providing entertainment or advertising a business, Gates said, “Those who succeed will propel the internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences and products – a marketplace of content.”

Content can be found on your website, social media accounts, blog and any videos that you post online. It is simple to create and publish content, and it is the easiest way to tell your brand’s story. It’s also really easy to create bad content, which can detract from your story.

Consider the various places where your business appears on the internet and ask yourself:
• Is my message clear?
• Am I telling a compelling story that encourages engagement?
• What do I want my audience to do as a result of what they experience from my content?

Marketing is about values and, specifically, the value you provide to your customer. Naturally, the first step is showing up in search results. These days you can’t be found by customers if you’re not online. But once they’ve found you, you must consider what you say that will convince them that working with you is in their best interest. After all, content is the story of your brand.

Here are some tips for building your brand’s story.

Your brand isn’t the story of your business and all the products and services you offer. It’s what your customer believes about you based on the signals your brand sends. Learn the motivations behind your customer’s purchase decisions so that you can appeal to them on their level. Big purchase decisions (and "big" is very subjective - a $150 pair of running shoes can be a big purchase for some), can be emotional.

Pro tip: Are you involved in your community? Consider showcasing some of the projects you’ve worked on and testimonials from those who have benefited from your charitable work.

Use a mixture of high-quality images and carefully-crafted text to take your customer on a journey with your brand. Along the way, show them how they can get a better experience by using your products or services.

Pro tip: Are you using Instagram? Not all of your images need to be directly related to what your business does to make money. Staff profiles, user-generated content (UGC is hugely popular), and graphics with relevant quotes will bring your story to life.

Encourage your customers to engage with you to learn more. Offer something for free, and create a clear call to action and a landing page where they can follow through on that call.

Pro tip: A webinar or the first chapter of an e-book are great freebies.

Remember – content is king, but it won’t close the deal for you. It’s just one of many things in your marketing toolkit that can bring valuable leads to your doorstep.

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