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photo of woman sitting in front of Mesa Arch after sunrise at Canyonlands National Park


outdoor industry copywriter + content writer

hi, I'm emily!

image of a smiling Emily W. Duane - Copywriter in brightly colored running clothes

I am an avid (albeit mediocre) runner, hiker, camper, and iSUP paddler. I am passionate about bringing newbies into the outdoors, running, and fitness by helping them find the right gear, apparel, and accessories to have the best experience they possibly can. The kind that is so good, so fun, and so exciting that they keep coming back for more.

As a professional copywriter and content writer, I combine your expertise with my people-first writing strategy to enhance the digital shopping experience.

I specialize in blogs, web copy, and product descriptions with a focus on customer-first language. (Search engines are smart, so we don't need to stuff your content with keywords - they'll figure it out.)

I am intensely dedicated to being a trusted partner in the process of helping prospects find you, consider you, and purchase from you. With the right words, we will build momentum that establishes you as their best option.

We’ll work together to create brand loyalists who then go out and spread the good word for you. As your guide, it’s my job to assist you from the first step to the last.

My ultimate goal is to relieve the pressure that writing can put on you and your team, freeing up your time and energy for other projects. Leave the wordsmithing to me.

Please contact me with questions about services or pricing. Let’s get to work!

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