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Why should I hire a freelance writer?
Hiring a freelancer is an investment in your business. You're partnering with an expert writer who brings value to the table in the form of experience, knowledge, and flexibility.
When you work with me, rest assured that I will do the leg work required to fully understand your brand, audience, and goals to craft copy and content that matches your voice, communicates effectively, and supports your goals. With existing knowledge of the running, hiking, and camping categories, specifically pertaining to apparel, footwear, gear, accessories, and textiles, I am ready to hit the ground running. Onboarding should be relatively easy.

Further, know that while I do partner with multiple clients, I offer laser focus for your copywriting needs. I'm not distracted by chats in the office kitchen, impromptu meetings in the hallway, or juggling multiple types of projects. I do one thing: write. And I'm great at it.

Which services do you offer?
Ghostwritten about us pages, how-tos, FAQ, blog posts, and product descriptions in your brand voice.
>> check out my services page <<

What is the Sprint to the Finish VIP Copy Day?
My Sprint to the Finish VIP Copy Day is a way for you to get 3-4 weeks of copy or content writing done in a single day.
I will conduct a discovery session and ask you to provide me with a few things before the day of work begins (links to websites you like, keywords, style guide, and any drafts you might have). We'll take a look at our calendars to find a day that works for both of us. It's up to you if you want to be available to answer questions, or if you'd like to kick back and relax while I make my way to the finish line. After submitting copy to you via Google Docs, you'll have a day or two to take a look and send me edits, at which point I'll fine-tune the copy to make it podium-finish perfect.

I offer the Sprint twice per month and these high-demand days book out 1-2 months in advance.
>> contact me to schedule your Sprint to the Finish <<

How much do you charge?
Each project is unique, so once we've had a discovery session, I will create a proposal for your consideration.
Starting rates are listed on my services page.

How do you onboard new clients?
After you get in touch, I will respond to set up a time for a discovery session. This will help me build a proposal for your consideration. Once you've approved the proposal, I will send a contract. It's pretty straightforward!

How do you accept payment?
I use Wave to process invoicing and payments and can accept most major credit cards and ACH payments. However, if you have an electronic payment system you would prefer to use, which is pretty helpful for those clients on retainer contracts, we can use your platform. I'm pretty flexible!


Do you offer discounts?

I don't offer discounts on my project rates. However, if you're interested in working with me on a retainer basis, I am open to discussing a small discount.
What’s it like to work with you?
As a freelance copywriter, my goal is to relieve the stressful workload that writing can put on you and your busy staff. I partner with clients to ensure needs are met and the final product is exactly what you’re looking for. I do my best to set expectations early on so that we can avoid surprises later in the project.
Where and when are you?
I’m currently working on Eastern Time. I primarily work from home with my feline business partner, Penguin, but I do hit the road from time to time.
Generally, I am available Monday through Thursday, 8:00am-4:00pm ET. I keep an eye on emails throughout the day, however, please know that I carefully plan out my schedule and assign time for each of my clients to ensure that work gets done in the morning, when creativity flows. As a result, I might not respond right away unless you’ve indicated that you need to hear from me ASAP.
If you need a call or video chat first thing, I will do my best to accommodate.
In short, I’m available, but I’m not online 24/7/365… because I like to play outside.
What are your qualifications?
I always loved writing beefy research papers in school - seriously, I was THAT student. I earned my B.A. in Business Administration in 2008 and completed my A.A.S. in Fashion Merchandising Management in 2013. I’ve worked in marketing roles since 2016.
As for why I specialize as an outdoor recreation copywriter, I’ve worked for a variety of brands across footwear, hiking/camping gear, and luxury outdoor apparel. My roles have been on marketing teams, but also in retail environments and endurance events production. As a result, I'm very familiar with the questions, expectations, and needs of people who are playing outside, buying gear, and running races.
I’m an avid runner (I'm also an RRCA Level I Certified Running Coach), hiker, and car camper. I love to play outside and take my own apparel, footwear, and gear purchases pretty seriously. In short, I’m a conscious consumer and understand how to educate others as they consider their purchasing decisions.

Any quirks I need to know about?
I love the Oxford comma, but I’m willing to work without it (perhaps a bit grudgingly). Please let me know if you have a preference.
While I do maintain certifications for things like inbound marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), I do not offer consulting for these topics at this time. Instead, I partner with key internal and external team members and leverage your expertise and research so that I can focus on what I’m best at: writing. This includes providing me with keywords, a brand style guide (if you have one), information about your customers and their buying habits, and specific requests for copy based on the results of findings from your analytics.

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