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outdoor newbies

New to the outdoors? Welcome.

Been a while since you've played outside? Welcome back.


I firmly believe that there is space for everyone in the outdoors, regardless of age, sex, color, physical ability, economic status, or even where you live.

Being "outdoorsy" looks different for every person.

You CAN be outdoorsy.

Adventures don't have to be "epic" to be great.

Don't be scared by all of that marketing and imagery that shows elite athletes doing intense activities. They're not the only people playing outside. Trust me. There are a lot of normal people getting after it, too.

Come JOIN us.


It's never too late to get started. It might take you a second, but I know you're gonna do it. It's okay... take a breath.

You CAN do this.


I'm here to debunk myths about recreating in the outdoors. I'm here to help reduce, or even eliminate, the barriers to entry. Finally, I'm here to engage with you and be your friend, guide, and hype girl.

You are WORTHY.

Here I share DIY projects, how-tos, buying guides, resource guides, and personal stories about my own adventures. I can't promise there won't be an f-bomb or two... but we're friends, so you're cool with me being my authentic self, right?

(Pssst... I'm not a photographer, so please don't expect my photos to be amazing. They simply never will be. Sorry, dude.)

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