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discovering running

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

I think it's important to give context to my areas of interest/expertise and why I love writing for the outdoor industry. Honestly? I didn't really discover the outdoors until my 30s. It started with running.

before running

Picture it: I was in my mid-20s, commuting into Boston for work, clothing obsessed, and had a blog about my personal style. Super narcissistic, but it was all the rage back then. The extent of exercise for me was walking from the T station to the office, or walking to Downtown Crossing to go shopping for more clothes that I certainly didn't need.

I always watched runners in the city and thought, "I can do that!" The idea that getting into running is as simple as putting on a pair of shoes and heading out made the barrier to entry feel low. I learned pretty quickly that if you're into it, it's wayyyy more than just a pair of shoes.

getting started

I participated in a Color Run in 2012, complete with their cotton race tee and a handmade tutu. Any excuse to get dressed up! Then I started participating in the Feaster Five 5K every year on Thanksgiving morning. I ran a few other 5Ks here and there, but in September 2015, I convinced some friends to do one 5K with me every month through the end of the year. We picked races with holiday themes so I could... you guessed it... dress up.

setting goals

After that, I kept going with the goal of running one organized race per month in 2016. I ended up running my first half marathon that year, and during training I discovered my local chapter of She Runs This Town. Without the women I met in that group, I probably wouldn't have kept running. They got me off the treadmill, running outside, and gave me a reason to keep showing up.

going overboard

Then I started running Disney races (dressing up, of course!), participated in Ragnar Reach the Beach on a whim, and I managed to run two marathons within three months of each other (I don't recommend doing that).

getting certified

In 2018, I earned my RRCA Level I Running Coach certification (currently inactive due to extreme laziness maintaining my first aid certification). I never planned to coach other runners. I just wanted to be more knowledgeable when participating in discussions about running, training, pace, etc.

the journey was short, but sweet

So... nine years ago I ran my first 5K. I didn't get consistent with it until 2016. I've learned a LOT about running in a short period of time and love to share knowledge about selecting the right gear to ensure that running is comfortable, fun, and worth doing on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for how I continued my love affair with the outdoors with my second-favorite activity: hiking.

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