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gift guide: my 2021 christmas wish list

I shared a post on LinkedIn for my copywriting business about writing holiday gift guides and how *now is the time*, and then shared it to my personal Facebook. Just a freelance writer and small business owner trying to drum up some work for the holiday season... NBD.

My Bonus Mom commented on my Facebook post asking when I'm going to share my Christmas list with her and my dad. As a true Millennial, I just have an Amazon wish list that I add to throughout the year. However, her request gave me an idea that I want to share here (because I think it's hilarious AND it serves personal/professional purposes).

my 2021 christmas wish list (as a gift guide)

  1. USCG Type III PFD I ventured out to Gross Reservoir a few weeks ago with hopes of cruising around on my inflatable stand-up paddle board. Unfortunately, upon arrival, I discovered that I needed a legit life vest. My type II (the orange, boxy thing with some nylon straps) wasn't going to cut it. Since I'm highly averse to potentially paying hundreds of dollars in fees for violating the rules of the water, I turned around and left. Dear (Bonus Mom) Santa: This Christmas, I would like a Type III life vest. I don't have a link to anything specific because I'm not picky. My chest measurement is 36" at the widest point, and you're gonna have to text me for my weight (if that's relevant, because I'm not putting my weight online for the world to see), so whatever size fits that is cool. Any color will do (but you know me... I DO love bright colors).

  2. Cycling Gloves I love runners... have I mentioned that before? I love them so much that I work part-time for a local endurance events company. I'm on the course crew, so that means 10x per year I'm out on a bike to mark the course with flags so we know where to drop mile marker/other signs, and sometimes I even ride the sweeper bike. Bike gloves would be excellent for these activities... and I found a pair on Instagram that I've been obsessed with for two years, but haven't yet convinced myself to buy them. Dear (Bonus Mom) Santa: This Christmas, I would love these Supacaz SupaG cycling gloves in the color Oil Slick. Size medium, por favor.

  3. A Book Not just any book... I like to read books about people doing intense things outdoors that I personally will never do. I loved reading Wild and Becoming Odyssa. I'm obsessed with stories like Into Thin Air and Between a Rock and a Hard Place. I've listened to the audio book Beyond the Deep: The Deadly Descent Into the World's Most Treacherous Cave more than once, because hearing about people dying in super caves rings my bell for some really weird, morbid reason. Dear (Bonus Mom) Santa: This Christmas, I would love to read Minus 148 Degrees: First Winter Ascent of Mount McKinley, Anniversary Edition (Legends and Lore). A paperback is fine, but I also use the Kindle app to read books, so an Amazon gift card would be a-okay, too! I'd also like to finish this book I started when I did a women's weekend trip (a bazillion years ago) that included a stay at Joe Dodge Lodge with the AMC. Joe Dodge... it's available on Amazon, too.

  4. Food Don't laugh... but I've been out of Cincinnati Style Chili Mix packets for six years. Legit... Amazon told me my last order was in 2015. Ideally, I will eat warm, DIY Skyline Chili while reading books about people freezing to death on mountains. I can also make it and freeze it to bring along when I go camping next summer. Dear (Bonus Mom) Santa: This Christmas, I would love a 12-pack of these stupid spice packets. I can buy cans at my local King Soopers, but making my own pot of chili is way better because I can pick better-quality ground beef.

  5. Shoes What woman doesn't love shoes? We're not talking fancy shoes, though... I'm a 30-something woman and self-employed writer working from home, so on the off occasion I need to put on shoes, I prioritize comfort. Dear (Bonus Mom) Santa: This Christmas, I would love a pair of Chacos Ramble Booties. I'm a size 8.5. Any color will do... I'm not picky! (Psst... I know Amazon is the evil empire, but sometimes these shoes can be found cheaper on there.)

  6. America the Beautiful National Parks Pass I really loved hitting up some Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming parks this year, and am eyeing traveling further west in 2022 to see more! Dear (Bonus Mom) Santa: This Christmas, I'd love a prepaid gift card so I can get a new parks pass. I have one that expires May 31, 2022... hence a gift card, so I can buy a new parks pass when I'm ready!

That's it... is it too much? I don't need all of these things... I just want one or two of them so I can keep fueling my obsession with outdoor recreation. In case you're looking for other gift ideas, here's a link to my full Amazon wish list.

Thanks (Bonus Mom) Santa!

PS: Dad has my green stocking... he asked me if I want it back. I asked him to please send it full of the random goodies I KNOW you guys have been collecting all year during your travels. Although... maybe a small jug of real maple syrup would be a nice addition to the stocking... the stuff I get in Colorado just doesn't get the job done.

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