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working with freelancers

Need a writer, logo, social media manager or new website design? Freelancers are independent contractors who you can hire to take on some of the marketing activities for your business. Hiring a freelancer has many benefits, including reduced overhead, fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and reducing the time and effort you would otherwise put into marketing activities if you tackled them yourself.

The "Great Resignation" has been a huge topic in the business world post-COVID (which, arguably, is not yet over, so "post" is somewhat a misnomer, but that is neither here nor there). With employees assessing work/life balance, prioritizing better pay and work conditions, and leaving jobs in droves, businesses are forced to pivot. Some are spending time and energy hiring new people (that's some big money right there), while others are tapping into the freelance market to get projects done quickly, efficiently, and for a great price.

According to an article published on August 2021, “Corporate executives could have access to an expanded and deeper pool of skilled, talented and highly motivated independent workers, with none of the overhead associated with full-time employees.”

Hiring a freelancer to do what they love and excel at means that you also get to focus on what you love and excel at. Due to the nature of the work being done, you have access to a wider pool of candidates because the work doesn’t necessarily require someone location-based. It's a win-win.

Here are three ways you can find freelancers for your marketing needs:

1. Sourcing online.
There are a few websites that allow you to work with freelancers from all over the world, effectively removing any boundaries to accessing creative design and copywriting talent. Generally, a portfolio of their work is available for you to review to see if their style matches what you may be looking for.

Websites such as 99designs and Upwork enable you to use a credit card to pay your freelancer, and eliminate the hassle of issuing 1099-MISC tax forms because these websites handle that paperwork for you. Depending on the website, project or freelancer, you might pay a flat rate or by the hour.

2. Using a staffing agency.
If you’re looking for local talent, agencies that specialize in staffing creative talent may be the best option for you. A digital and creative services staffing agency, such as Creative Circle, which delivers talent solutions across North America, will alleviate some of the stress associated with finding an independent contractor.

They essentially do all of the hard work, and only put qualified candidates in front of you based on your project’s needs. Staffing agencies generally handle the freelancer’s payroll and tax forms, so all you have to do is pay the staffing agency.

3. Word-of-mouth.
Recommendations from industry colleagues who have had similar work done recently is a great way to find a freelancer, locally or online. Tap into your trade associations, local Chamber of Commerce, and industry-related social groups to ask where your colleagues are finding their favorite freelancers.

When considering a freelancer, you should ask whether or not they have experience with projects like yours, if you can see samples of their work and if you can have a list of client references. Because they may not be tied to an agency or a freelancing platform, you may need to consider having a contract written with specs for the project, milestones and expectations, and how/when payment is to be handled.

In fact, a professional freelancer will expect to have a contract in place, and many have contract templates ready to edit for your specific project. This not only sets project, communication, and payment expectations, it also protects both parties in the event that the project does not go as planned. It's worth it.

Freelancers are a wonderful option for busy business owners. Effectively delegating work is the sign of a good manager – let someone take on the things you don’t love or excel at so that you can work on your business rather than in it.

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